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Blue Mountain Pottery Collector
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About Me
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My name is Addison White, and live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been collecting bears and collectables for some time. My new intrest, as you can see, is Blue Mountain Pottery.

Here are a few pieces I have picked up...maybe you can help me add to my collection!


Serving Tray

Harvest Gold

My favorite colour

Pictures of bears and dogs coming!

Collector of:

Blue Mountain Pottery

Favorite colour is Harvest Gold, but collect all colours. Main interest are all vintage pieces or older pieces. Looking for all colours. If you have piece I may be interested in contact me!

Vintage Bears and Ty Bears

Long time collector of Vintage and Ty Bears. Present favorite is my Paddington Bear (Eden). Love this bear!
If you have any bears I might be interested in...stuffed, toy or me...we'll talk about it!

Last but not least!!!
Collectable Dog Figurines

Collector of all dog figurines. I am very picky about this section. Mostly collect Bull Terrier and Shetland Sheepdog collectables. But interested in all breeds. Have any thing I may know what to do!