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Blue Mountain Pottery Collector
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Just a few photos!

Want to show off your BMP? Submit photos to me and I'll see what I can do. If it's for sale. I'll post your e-mail address. Just remember folks...I don't take any responsibility for selling items (except ones I sell or trade or buy for me). I'm just offering my site for your use.


Medium Swan dish

Squat Vase




Medium Dolphin



Large Dog

For more BMP see the next page of photos. There is a really interesting piece I found in a country antique store. I think it's a condiment dish set. If you have any ideas what it may be, let me know. All my Blue Mountain is maked with either BMP CANADA or the 3 tree marking and CANADA. The only unmarked pieces are some of the animal figures, but yes I can guarantee they are Blue Mountain. There is no mistake when you see the figures and the deep red clay.