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Evangeline Ware


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Evangeline Ware
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Canuck Pottery, Ltd.
Saint John, N.B. -
then in 1964 Labelle, Quebec

----- Beachcomber Ware. Known to have existed c. 1958. (Saint John)

----- Evangeline Ware. (Saint John and Labelle locations)
Operation was a continuation of Foley Pottery (see that entry). Sons, Percy and Alponse, of Fenwick Foley were owners. Factory moved to Labelle, Quebec following a disastrous fire at the Saint John location.

Both white and red clay items produced. Operations ceased in 1970's. A mocha colored clay was also used at the Labelle location.
(from Canadian Pottery Identifier)

These are a few pieces of Evangeline Ware that I picked up at a local flea market. Didn't know that they were at a glance as I was told they were Blue Mountian, so I bought the group which did include some BMP. Well I said a day earlier that I was going to start an Evangeline Ware collection. My main interest is the functional pottery. If some of these items are of interest, let me know. They are Evangeline Ware with no chips or cracks (I went over every piece when I got home that's when I saw the mocha colored clay and identifier, the dog has a sticker as well). I am basically looking to get my money back. If I can't resell them...oh well no big loss. Contact me for information.


Small Fawn, Bear and Cat



Medium Dolphin,
Medium Dog and
Medium Duck Planter


As I stated earlier, if you have and functional Evangeline Ware, such as marked creamer/sugar sets, vases, trays, ashtrays, etc...the more vintage the better...let me know. I may be interested.

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